HELLO, Hiiiii,HOLA! Our names are Jose + Isabella and we are the masterminds behind Futura! A lil bit about us! Well for starters, we have the cutest little baby girl. Since I pretty much gave birth to the twin version of me it only felt right to do a little remix of my name. So Sarabella felt so right. Even though we have our baby girl, our little family of three has not slowed down travel wise. We ABSOLUTELY love traveling preferably to nature parks but any major city with some good food sounds good too! We are also HUGEEE movie fanatics! It’s actually one of the reasons why we such a hopeless romantics at heart. OHH not to mentioned we are kinda sorta addicted to iced Carmel lattes ( yes, we spend way to much $ on coffee) We truly love how every couple has such a beautiful and unique love story. And to be able to document raw moments of pure love is simply so pleasing for the both of us!!! We have always been so captivated by authentic human romantic connections. Your love story is unique and we want to capture it and capture you and your bae as your true selves. We understand your wedding day is an investment and you only have one shot. Entrusting us to capture your day is a hugeeeee deal for us. We have serious case of FOMO ( fear of missing out) kinda people. We take pride in capturing all the raw emotions of your special day, the happy tears, the laughs, tight hugs, the kiss, the first dances all romance and fun that comes! We wanna get it all!!! We will be there for you from start to finish! There through the planning, to fluffyin your dress up the day of! We wanna make sure that we capture memories that you will look back to in the future which is how we came up with our name Futura. So let's do the dang thinggggg!

Our Proposal

We recently got engaged in the beautiful Zion National Park