We promise these are not paid models lol!!! These are one of our couples! We did both photo and video of this BREATHTAKING couple and we are still today so in AWEEE with how AMAZING their photos and save the date came out.! We started at the lovely Koreshan State Park we suggested this location not only for it's amazing nature features but also because it has a beautiful lake platform and the park has several old vintage historic houses that just simply little extra touch to the photos. Michelle and Connor energy the whole time was 10000%! We had them running, jumping, spinning, piggy back riding lol you name it and they never got tired lol!! These two are such a powerhouse as individuals and even more together. We love how Connor is so calm, cool and collected and Michelle is so bold and energetic. They compliment each other so well. We had such a fun time shooting them there was never a dull moment. Michelle + Connor started off very playful at the park and then onece we headed to the beautiful Little Hickory Park Beach for the second outfit change and they both immediately got into romantic mode. We made just in time for sunset and omg the sunsets on the west coast are soooo much better! We couldn't have ended on a better note.